Azienda Agricola Floriano Mirra born in 2000. An ancient dream comes true tank to    “love for ground, care for quality”.

 Azienda Agricola Floriano Mirra is based in Piana del Sele (Eboli – Salerno), one or  the most important and rich agricol area in Italy. Azienda Agricola Floriano Mirra is  skilled in baby leaf and kitchen herbs production and packaging.

 More than 50 years of experience, due to three family stock that nowadays  cooperate to offer fresh and quality goods. Azienda Agricola Floriano Mirra is also a  little network made by local growers linked by one common goal: giving us a  natural product born in our wonderful South Italy.

 Direct production is our best business card. Our goods are closely checked, since    seeding, in order to most important quality certifications such as Global G.A.P.

However be sure: our latest check is our taste.