We select and pack each good by hand and controller up to load on truck. 


Grown in our fields or coming from our partners, Azienda Agricola Floriano Mirra’s good are signs of quality

since seeding process. Modern techniques and traditional methods are put together to give you our love

for ground and for its daily gifts.



No machine wastes our products. Manual tools and, first of all, visual contact guarantee natural, healthy ,

good product. And, why not, nice at glance.



We also provide to select our products vis-à-vis. Each good, gathered or coming from our partners, is well

checked before becoming part of our family.



From selection to packaging we work with temperature – controlled system to avoid structural traumas.

We also added our taste as certification of quality. What we produce is what we eat: sight, touch, smell and

taste are our firsts quality warranties.